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Born in Manila, lived in Singapore, local in Portland Oregon. Passionate for all kinds of music.

Coming from Christian praise and worship roots, I learned to love creating music and playing it at a very young age. Coupled with youth band experiences while living abroad and while in college, along with immersive recording arts studies in Nashville, Tennessee, and over 5 years of working live events as a Sound Engineer, I have accumulated skills and experiences to make song ideas into great music.

I believe that music is highly personal and at the center of it, sits the artist.

As a Producer, my goal is to help artists tell their stories and showcase their craft through music - from concept to final mixed product - with attention to detail and executed at a level of excellence while also leaving room for the artist to experiment, explore, discover and have fun in the process!

Artists at work.

We Put The Artist At The Center

We believe that each song has its own inherent vibe and identity given to it by the artist, and it’s our job to make sure that it comes through as the artist intended. All along the way making great memories, happy accidents, or even a banger of a song.

The Glass Room Sound Story

Many would ask “Why is it called the Glass Room Sound?”
We would answer: “it started with”:

  • An artist
  • A producer
  • A iMac computer with a 5-year old audio interface.
  • An old Bluespark microphone.
  • A perfectly square glass room. (the worst place to record - IKYK)

And out came an EP that helped an artist start a dream. Released on every streaming platform. The mind-blown moment: “we made music that sounds really good in a room like that??”

The moral of the story: good songwriting + great artist + creative sound engineer = MAGIC. We have since upgraded from that point but we will never forget where we came from.

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